Saturday, January 3, 2009

Onion Soup

Bound and chained
while winter remains
dark corners
piles of snow
melting slowly
fires begin
breaking down sugar
layers of rings
stainless steel
softens the center
broth is added
melding soup
melting cheese
break the bread
of moments
new friendships
no matter
how you slice
into life
onions, red, yellow,
and white
they bring on tears
add a dash of cognac
ceramic, artesian crocks
dredged crisps top off
dissipate a cold night

© E Stelling, 1/09 All contents property of CookAppeal, LLC and its owner


The Other Tiger said...

I love the poem. I've been thinking about different ways of expressing things about food and cooking, and you're definitely successful here. :-)

Charmaine said...

I'm gonna need a recipe here. (Haven't checked out your other blogs yet.)

Hoping to find recipes. weee

Chef E said...

They are on my 'Behind The Wheel Chef' blog... Thanks!