Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rosé and Mole

I have decided to post the latest poem by Mark S, to whom has submitted several these past months...and pair it with my latest creation, a chicken with a side of vegetarian mole...both have a delicate flavor and mouth feel...


Light pink in color

Rosé wine, pale, delicate,

Blends into dinner.

Its dry, subtle taste

Goes with appetizers, then

Grilled fish and scallops.

Rosé can assuage

Tabasco and hot peppers

While gently flowing.

After deferring

To others, rosé pleases

Palate and spirit

Giving its flavor

Product of intense labor

Even so, refined.

Rosé harkens to

Memories of summer sun

That gave us this wine.

Mark Shardine is a local New Jersey resident and poet that attends Cultural Art Expression- Open Mic. He shares his works at several poetry workshops, our open mic, as well as my passion for good food and wine! I hope the lobster makes into a good dish as well as a poem soon!

1 comment:

Femin Susan said...

very great poem about a simple rose wine.very beautiful picture too.after reading your poem my mouth is watering like anything.
keep on posting delicious poems.............