Friday, November 20, 2009

A funny thing happened while singing... the open mic in Roebling, New Jersey last Sunday...this poem came from singing one of my favorite John Denver songs...

Summer Kiss

a kiss
that was
Red; it
ran down
your chin
You could chew
on the embarrassment
Went back for more
Salty tears
Down your cheek
Velvety texture
Making the moment
A touch of perfection

Love is…

Vine ripe Jersey tomatoes…

In the words of Guy Clark-

Only two things money can’t buy,
That’s true love and homegrown tomatoes…

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dig In

Holiday Table

Dinner bells ring
belly's are ready
ears hold steady
as the cook,
host serve up
kitchen wisdom
novel prayer
plentiful plates
Aromas rise
fork to mouth
reds, whites await
corks pop
dialogue flows
old friends anew
fluid of passion
flavorful memories
filling moments and glass
life, love, laughter echo...

table clothes stained
aging wines; dishes
lay in state
silent room remains
until next year’s bell sings...

© E Stelling, 2008

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lost at Sea

CookAppeal Maker, E Stelling, 3/2/09

Lost on an ocean, a sea of green…
No sails.
No compass.
No direction.
Alone with only your thoughts,
Adrift on salty concoctions;
Add some passing fish
Make a paddle from drift
Stir up some friends
Throw in a bed of self discovery & personal growth
Healthy taste of what’s to come, and
You have cooked up;
A great big bowl of Yum!

This poem came from a 'Behind The Wheel Chef' post on Arugula Soup, and a tie into the old nursery rhyme 'Three Men In A Tub'...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heated Words

Eggs fried in butter
Speckled with cayenne pepper
Give heated flavor.

Bland plain old ketchup
Needs some kind of extra kick:
Hot chili peppers.

Poem by Mark Shardine, 2/2009

Friday, February 13, 2009


Time for Some Beer

Foam up to the rim,
Pale colored beer fills your glass
Let it smoothly flow.

Let beer songs ring out
Sing friends’ camaraderie
Then refill your glass.

Mark Shardine, 2009

All content on this site are owned by publisher CookAppeal, LLC

Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Wine & Bacon Haiku

No wine for me now
Not that I don't like it, but
No beer or spirits.

I think I'll sample
Something else, that refreshes,
Maybe some fruit juice

Orange or grapefruit
Or some kind of berry juice
With lemon slices

Than perhaps some tea
Matcha brewed to a deep green
Color of pea soup

Later in the day
Clear, chilled mineral water
Sparkling in the glass.

As I take a sip,
I already think about
Tomorrow's coffee.

Wine in the future?
Of course, I will take a glass
Well, maybe next week.

Finally, a bacon Haiku:

Hot greasy bacon
Lets fat drip across your plate
Smoke scents drift upward.

Mark Shardine is a featured poet for 'Cultural Art Expression' and is showing a great talent for writing food poetry!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lobster For Dinner

Take out your hammer

Crack the heavy armor plate

Open your lobster,

Tough yet delicate

Slightly sweet, barely seasoned

A hint of butter.

Rip open the claws

Eat the lobster’s softest flesh:

The red-speckled hands.

After you finish

Armor pieces fill your plate

Remains of dinner.

Mark Shardine, Poet

Mark is a contributing and performing poet in the Cultural Art Expression Open Mic that I run here in Princeton/Plainsboro. He also shares a love for wine and food as I do, and had once again presented me with a wonderful expression for the coming holidays! I welcome any poetry for this site from many of you other food and wine aficionados out there...