Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dig In

Holiday Table

Dinner bells ring
belly's are ready
ears hold steady
as the cook,
host serve up
kitchen wisdom
novel prayer
plentiful plates
Aromas rise
fork to mouth
reds, whites await
corks pop
dialogue flows
old friends anew
fluid of passion
flavorful memories
filling moments and glass
life, love, laughter echo...

table clothes stained
aging wines; dishes
lay in state
silent room remains
until next year’s bell sings...

© E Stelling, 2008


farmlady said...

This reminds me of many family get-togethers. Nice poem! Makes me look forward to the holidays.

SOL said...

Very nice poem; makes me think of Thanksgiving. I saw you mention your food poetry blog on Jarie Lyn's blog and thought I would check it out since I love poetry and food. I am glad that I did!

The Cooking Photographer said...

Chef how in the heck do you keep up?? This is fun!


January said...

Very nice!