Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lobster For Dinner

Take out your hammer

Crack the heavy armor plate

Open your lobster,

Tough yet delicate

Slightly sweet, barely seasoned

A hint of butter.

Rip open the claws

Eat the lobster’s softest flesh:

The red-speckled hands.

After you finish

Armor pieces fill your plate

Remains of dinner.

Mark Shardine, Poet

Mark is a contributing and performing poet in the Cultural Art Expression Open Mic that I run here in Princeton/Plainsboro. He also shares a love for wine and food as I do, and had once again presented me with a wonderful expression for the coming holidays! I welcome any poetry for this site from many of you other food and wine aficionados out there...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bacon Haiku

I was looking around and came across a post on The Royal Bacon Society blog about another blog that writes Bacon Haiku. Too funny, but still artistic in its own rites...and I like passing on the humor!

Art is more than simply looking at a painting, reading a book, listening to the latest CD's, but it has more to do with how we look at life and what it has to offer...experiment with new kinds of art today...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rosé and Mole

I have decided to post the latest poem by Mark S, to whom has submitted several these past months...and pair it with my latest creation, a chicken with a side of vegetarian mole...both have a delicate flavor and mouth feel...


Light pink in color

Rosé wine, pale, delicate,

Blends into dinner.

Its dry, subtle taste

Goes with appetizers, then

Grilled fish and scallops.

Rosé can assuage

Tabasco and hot peppers

While gently flowing.

After deferring

To others, rosé pleases

Palate and spirit

Giving its flavor

Product of intense labor

Even so, refined.

Rosé harkens to

Memories of summer sun

That gave us this wine.

Mark Shardine is a local New Jersey resident and poet that attends Cultural Art Expression- Open Mic. He shares his works at several poetry workshops, our open mic, as well as my passion for good food and wine! I hope the lobster makes into a good dish as well as a poem soon!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Onion Soup

Bound and chained
while winter remains
dark corners
piles of snow
melting slowly
fires begin
breaking down sugar
layers of rings
stainless steel
softens the center
broth is added
melding soup
melting cheese
break the bread
of moments
new friendships
no matter
how you slice
into life
onions, red, yellow,
and white
they bring on tears
add a dash of cognac
ceramic, artesian crocks
dredged crisps top off
dissipate a cold night

© E Stelling, 1/09 All contents property of CookAppeal, LLC and its owner