Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dom Pérignon

With the approach of Christmas and the New Year, I would like to offer these Champagne poems. Just two notes: poilu is a French word for soldiers in the First World War. They had no opportunity to shave and were called poilu which means "hairy one." The cathedral in one poem is in Reims. German artillery bombarded it during the First World War, provoking great outrage at the destruction of artwork.

Yes, Dom Pérignon,

A chaste monk in his cellar,

Made his wine sparkle.

On the hard chalk hills

Stoic Champenois produce

Their effervescence.

Stroll in a vineyard

Here near Reims you just might find

A poilu’s remains.

A scarred cathedral

Offers us testimony

Of war and healing.

Cathedral in Reims,

Gothic art amid vineyards,

Faith took deep roots here.

Watch the bubbles rise

Share the night with your good friends

Enjoying God’s gifts

by Mark Schardine, December 2008

Mark is a contributing and performing poet in the Cultural Art Expression Open Mic that I run here in Princeton/Plainsboro. He also shares a love for wine and food as I do, and had once again presented me with a wonderful expression for the coming holidays! I welcome any poetry for this site from many of you other food and wine aficionados out there...

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Jeanne said...

I think the world is divided into two groups, people who eat like dogs and people who eat like cats.

Dogs will usually scarf down anything you put in front of them. Cats demand that food be varied.

Thinking you're more of a cat....