Monday, November 24, 2008

Tea Haiku

Sencha’s gentle taste

Fresh leaves, verdant and fragrant,

Richly delicate.

Light brown oolong leaves

Soak up water and expand

Diffusing flavor.

Keemun tea with its

Strong fragrance of autumn leaves

Gently diluted.

Dark brown Assam tea

Gives strong color and fragrance

Up to the cup’s brim.

Green matcha powder

Whisked about in hot water

Forms calm, forceful tea.

by Mark Schardine, November 2008

This site is for Food Poetry, and anyone that appreciates how the site of food is the beginning of the eating experience; then comes smell and taste that turns the whole body into a wonderful vessel of experience...if you would like to submit a poem to be featured me at


Anonymous said...

Dear Liz!
great haiku!
You will have to find one for "Mattcha"!

homeladychef said...

Nice Poetry! I can simply imagine the taste when reading it! =)

chou said...

I love writing haiku, despite the terrible results I produce! Such a fun way of presenting food thoughts. Thanks for visiting my blog, it's a pleasure to meet fellow food lovers.