Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Whats Your Specialty"

One of the many questions as a chef I get asked is "what is your specialty", and sometimes I just do not have an answer. I like so many things (baking an exception) that I cannot tell you one specific thing. Maybe, southern food because I ate it most of my life, and can do it blind folded. Being a poet all my life gave me a funny idea to write something involving food and that question, and add it my 'FoodNPoetry' blog site, so here goes folks...

After many years of careful consideration
and irritation... of this repetitive question... my specialty is...
'Southern Fried Me'
When your craving a unique recipe, an independent, still growing, always in season...
‘deep fried’ artist
-coated -with a mixture of gritty Texas dust
large prickly cactus -no need to remove needles
(putting aside a few of its morning roses) -for garnish - smell and eye appeal
-part of the dining experience
Grind up the cactus - carefully -watching out
for an the unwanted sting
-for… just the right prick
fresh country brown eggs- cracked open on the side of the bowl -to bind
Remember to remove any pieces of shell that have fallen into the slimy white abyss
salt and pepper -nothing else -I already have a unique and intense flavor
Shots of patron silver -served in a snake skin boot -no reason
just a way to slow this animal down, and to get you in the mood
Mix all ingredients well -starting on a low speed for at least seven minutes
-turning it up -high, slow, high, slow -make sure your having fun!
Hold the bowl at just the right angle
so the mixture doesn’t shoot out
-all over -your apron
men forget that part, since a few of them do not know how to cook
Add - olive oil pour into a skillet
-Heat to 375
-the hotter the better

Take me - coat me -egg in my face -one more time
-rolling me around -like dredging shoe string potatoes through seasoned flour
When am I ready? -you decide
-but remember
just when life tries to lay me out
on a cold steel platter
stab at me -over and over -one more time
-I will let out a sound - so loud -a curdling scream
like when you cut into a -blood dripping -rare steak
-send me back to the kitchen -to the fire,
...cause' I ain't done and can take the heat!

© E Stelling, 2008 All Rights reserved, CookAppeal, LLC

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esk said...

nice work! loved how you incorporated cooking into your poem.