Sunday, October 26, 2008

Food N Poetry

Many of us out there are so into food that we write about it as often as we can. Our passion for growing, buying, preparing, cooking, and eating it is like a ritual, a sensual experience, or at least it is for me. When I eat, it is in slow movement. I take time to taste everything, and even have what I call the perfect bite test when eating out, I use a spoon to get all the flavors on the plate together in one mouthful to see if the flavors meld together. We take time to put together ingredients and flavors for a reason. I have witnessed people who devour the food in minutes and you have to wonder if they have even tasted what they put into their mouths. Eating can be a very sensual experience by taking in the foods smell and appearance before it comes to the table, and once it is in front of you. I looked forward to meeting my husband who takes in food and wine the way I do, and that is poetry in itself!

I have taken it a step further in writing about food, and have put some of it into poetry. I have been writing and performing my poetry for years, and love it. Meeting others along the way who write about food, recipes and experiences that will also share their work on here. In the past year some of my words have formed into food experience poetry, and I think many of you out there have some in you as well.

This site is for 'Food N Poetry' and if you want to share anything from poetry or rants about food and drink with others then send me some of your work and I will post it here, (All works will remain your property)

I do have to credit one of our bloggers for this idea. OnCallChef made a simple statement of how it is hard being a chef and not critiquing places we eat. Sometimes we have more to say than just posting a recipe or reviewing a restaurant. We want to just speak out...

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