Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poems For A Beautiful Woman

Pasqualle Varallo is an Italian Poet who resides in Philadelphia, and I had the pleasure of hearing him read his works and become his friend. He has a great sense of humor and connection with the working class of his times and mine. He lost his Irish wife about seven years ago, and started writing poetry from his longing and memories of his time with her. He is working on his second book of poetry, and you can find out more about him at . I picked three of his poems to post on here, so enjoy!

Chamomile Tea

As she slowly sipped
a sweet vision of love
I did see.
Spread upon her face
a smile
like the wings of a dove,
her memory.

At the Kitchen Door

Oh, what a beautiful
Come see it!
Yes, my love,I can see,
Believe it.

But, it is only a thing in the
I would rather watch you,
see you smile, and

Irish Stew

When you're feeling blue
Make a pot of Irish stew
Start with an onion or two
You might stir the brew.

Brown some nice red beef
then add a large bay leaf
Cover to simmer
the air's a sneak thief
Has always been the belief.

In go the veggies by the bunch
Cook slowly
don't lose the crunch
Mmmmmm, munch, munch, munch
Make a lot
leftovers are great for lunch.

Drop in a bit of tomato paste
then salt and pepper to taste
Sop up the gravy with bread
Don't Waste!
Oh, one more thing, a napkin
for the dribble on your face!

There's nothing like a good stew
don't you agree,
to make you feel brand new!

All work owned and copyrighted
© Pasquale Varallo, 2004, Poems For A Beautiful Woman

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